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We provide training to help local entrepreneurs to create and/or develop their new projects.

Our topics are broad, including things such as: basic accounting, creating a business plan, developing sales, calculating costs, creating a network, hiring, managing and more.

The training is simple and easily replicated. It is made so it can be applied and adapted to any country or region.

We also want to find professionals willing to volunteer for the training to share specific knowledge or experience, such as contractors, store managers, designers, farmers and more.


One of the most recurring problems when people create their activities is that they can be overwhelmed by the fear of the situation.

Our goal is to train them to work on their own, but also be present individually to help them organize the workflow of a given creation. We want to help them prioritize steps, share experiences, etc.

For each project we create an individual action plan, then help the individuals follow the plan step-by-step.


Many entrepreneurs can feel alone or powerless when facing a given situation, such as lack of finances, issues with administrators or suppliers, or the loss of a contract. We want to be supportive of entrepreneurs during these moments. This can be in a material, financial, or even emotional way.

We are in the process of creating a solid foundation of contacts, easy tools (such as free software), a virtual road map and more, so that we can be of support during the creation and beginning phases of an activity.

About We Start Me Up

We provide professional training, personal support and assistance to people in less developed countries who would like to create profitable, sustainable and successful small businesses.

The people we aim to support are marginalized from mainstream economic processes.

Our actions are guided by the desire to enable individuals to become active and growing members of their economic communities.

Meet our Team

We are growing, please feel free to reach out if you want to be a part of our project


President - Founder

After 25 years involved as volunteer in many projects, I decided to get involved with entrepreneurs and share my experiences and my skills to train and support people in their business projects.



Secretary - Co-Founder




Secretary - France


Some of the Non-Profits we are supporting or have worked with in different ways…

Here are a few non-profits we are supporting. Please visit their websites.


Orphanage & Organic Social Farm in CONGO (DR)

Orphanage and Organic Social Farm in Congo (DR)

We are currently working on this project, ideally to go help in the field in March 2022.

You can DONATE to help us finance the travel expenses.

Monielo has created an orphanage and now are developing an organic farm and store to sell their crops. The income will cover the expenses of the orphanage and its activities, including access to school for more children.




ADED is a Swiss association whose mission is to provide technical, managerial and financial assistance to sustainable development projects in the field of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

I had the opportunity to do a small video job in 2012 about a mechanical pump bringing water from a river to a garden, without gas or electricity.



Water bringing life

Some of the projects they worked on include APICULTUR, DRIP system and Mechanic Pump.

These projects are made with local materials, easy to construct and maintain, and create a sustainable economy for the locals.

I had a chance to create some videos to support this organization in 2012. Our main focus was to develop sustainable activities for the villages.

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