Nouhad, How to transform Tires to beautiful Ottomans !

Published by Jeremie on

Our first trainee, Nouhad, in Morocco

When I first met Nouhad, she was doing some ottomans, just for fun. But she started to have a lot and was thinking to sell them. But had no idea how, where, how much…

She was curious to know if she could run a business from her passion. We started a 1-to-1 training and received a financial support from her family, as every one around her encouraged her, and had faith in the project.

After hours of communication, training and coaching, she decided to wait before to step in the business. The whole Covid situation wasn’t a good time for her. Her clients were potentially hotels, resorts, hosting houses… at the time of the training, Hospitality situation in Morocco was very bad, most of them closed or low clients.

In December 2021, she is doing pretty well, but still under unemployment. Her boss haven’t opened yet his facilities…


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