Monielo, Congo

Monielo is a French and Congolese Non-Profit organization.

You can visit their page

They provide scholarship for orphans and recently opened an orphanage.

They are now starting an Organic Farm and a store. The store will sell the products of the farm. The benefits of both the farm and the store are to cover the expenses of the orphanage, and help to provide more scholarship for orphans.

Our goal

We plan to go in March/April 2022 to provide a training to the new managing team, so they can develop the business with more tools and knowledge about running a sustainable business.

You can donate for that project to WSMUP. Your donations will cover our expenses for the Visa, the flight, the travels inside of the coutry, materials for the trainee…

You can also donate through us for Monielo. They will need donations to buy a van to transport the products from the farm to the store in Kinshasa, and a tractor to work in the field. The budget for both is around $40,000.

Here few pictures received from Monielo from the recent work in the new field.